municipal buildingsThe Labour & Tory proposal to cut two and a half hours from the education of our Primary School children was finally booted out thanks to an SNP one two.

At a special council meeting called by the SNP a motion moved by SNP Group Leader, Cecil Meiklejohn and seconded by Depute Leader, Steven Jackson to reverse the proposed cut in the Education week was accepted unanimously within the council.

The sole contribution made from the Labour benches came from the accident prone Education spokesperson, Alan Nimmo.

In a bizarre speech Nimmo admitted that it was the SNP Government whose intervention had brought about the change of mind by the Falkirk Council Labour and Tory leaders. The Labour Councillor admitted that it was the threatened £40,000 financial penalty mooted by the SNP government for failure to keep teacher numbers at current levels rather than the complaints of the parents that brought about the change of heart.

Nimmo also failed to mention the additional £300,000 made available to Falkirk Council by the Scottish Government not to cut teacher numbers.

However, the crestfallen Labour and Tory coalition reverted to type when Falkirk Provost, Pat Reid, closed the meeting and refused to allow SNP members to question Nimmo.

Speaking after the meeting, Councillor Meiklejohn said,

“While we are delighted that this daft proposal is off the table thanks to the SNP working together with parents the fact Labour and their Tory partners believed such a cut was in any way acceptable is deeply worrying for the future of Education within Falkirk and district.

The consolation is that we have learned from this process in a way that brings the prospect of change much closer. For example, Labour’s venom in attacking the SNP Government’s determination to protect teaching posts can only be interpreted as a further example of Labour abandoning traditional policies and adopting outright Tory policies.”


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