Johnny McNally’s Maiden Speech Declared A Hit

JJohn McNNallyFalkirk SNP MP, John McNally made his debut in the House of Commons with his maiden speech.

In a contribution from the floor of the Commons that was full of humour, humility and humanitarianism Johnny displayed all of the qualities every elected representative should possess and demonstrate.

From his positive portrayal of the Falkirk Constituency to the commitment to fight for social justice with the telling comment of “why should the poor suffer for the mistakes of the rich” everyone who voted SNP in May can feel satisfaction with the outcome.

Johnny’s former group leader while serving on Falkirk Council, Cllr Cecil Meiklejohn summed up the feelings of local activists when she said,

We watched Johnny make his maiden speech with a tremendous feeling of pride but not surprise as Johnny has always been a good human being with a strong sense of public spirit.

What shone through was dignity and dedication and these can be rare qualities in the Westminster bubble.”

A link to the speech is below.


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