Date For Denny By-Election Published

SNP ROSETTEThe Falkirk Council by-election caused by the election of popular local Councillor, John McNally, to the Westminster parliament  a few short weeks ago will take place on 13 of August.

Nominations are now open and the identity of the SNP candidate  will be announced at the weekend. A campaign team has already been put toether as we seek to keep up the momentum create by the sensational results of the May General election in Scotland in May.

The SNP needs to win this contest to ensure that the momentum continues towards May’s Scottish Parliamentary elections and beyond.

Watch this space for details of the campaign and we need every member to be  heading for Denny and Banknock to help towards another significant SNP victory.

John McNally himself said,

” Whoever is selected to represent the people of Denny and Banknock within Falkirk Council will continue the ethos of putting the people first.

They will be campaigning for the council to recognise the folly of spending £20m on a new set of offices for themselves when they claim to have a £46m black hole in their finances.

The people of the Denny Ward deserves better than Labour and their Tory partners can offer.”

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2 Responses to Date For Denny By-Election Published

  1. John Sherry says:

    The SNP with no opposition is not a good thing.

  2. David Alexander says:

    Within Falkirk Council the SNP are the opposition.

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