SNP Select Denny Man For Denny & Banknock Council By-Election

11667942_10203063552948283_569357784_nThe Scottish National Party has named their candidate for the by-election to Falkirk Council due on 13 August following the election of John McNally to Westminster in May of this year.

The individual charged with the task of retaining the seat for the SNP is 47 year old, Paul Garner, a native of Denny and local community activist.

Married to Clare, Paul has a young son; Paul aged 2.  Employed as a radio engineer Paul is also captain of the Scottish National Fly Fisherman’s Team.

Although relatively new to party politics having joined the SNP at the time of the Independence Referendum Paul was appointed as the Denny area organiser in the recent General Election that saw John McNally elected with a majority just short of 20,000.

Mr Garner says that there is no chance of complacency setting into the SNP after their astonishing success in the May poll for Westminster and that the local branch members are hungry for more success after the election of John McNally.

Quote from Paul Garner;

“It is both an honour and a daunting task to be selected by the SNP in the Denny / Banknock area to follow in the footsteps of Johnny McNally and I relish that challenge.

Johnny has been a tireless fighter for local issues within Falkirk Council that has often led to abuse being thrown at him by members of the current Labour / Tory Administration who have nothing in turn to offer but cuts in services and neglect.

Over the next five weeks we will be working night and day to ensure the message goes out that only the SNP has the interests of the Denny and Banknock areas at heart.”

Quote from John McNally;

The SNP work as a team, Michael Matheson MSP, Councillor Martin Oliver and I not only have shared goals but also a combined commitment to work together for the good of the community and Paul fits that mould.

I will be spending every spare minute working for another SNP victory,

First of all because a loud and articulate voice speaking up for the community is a good thing for the people of this area.

Secondly it kelps up the pressure on the current Labour / Tory coalition running Falkirk Council regarding their cuts agenda and the best way to demonstrate that is to vote for Paul Garner on August 13.”


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  1. Karen Fernie says:

    Good luck, Paul. Have enjoyed our political conversations in the past wee while.

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