Does The Denny & Banknock By-Election Epitomise The Fall Of The Labour Party?

DennyFormer SNP Group Leader on Falkirk Council and veteran of countless local by-elections, David Alexander, casts a critical eye over the forthcoming by-election to find a replacement for John McNally on Falkirk Council following the election to Westminster of the popular Denny man.

In particular the failure of Labour to select a local candidate for this local election comes under greater scrutiny.

“Once Denny and Banknock were the heart of the Labour Party’s dominance of local politics but the recent announcement that they could not find a suitable local candidate to stand in the forthcoming Falkirk Council by-election in that ward confirms the spiral of decline of Labour locally.

Andrew Bell may well be an amiable individual but the selection of a candidate for a local election who resides in Larbert is hardly an endorsement of the principal of local representation.

However, much more significantly it tells a story of the lack of confidence in the record of the electoral pact between Labour and the Conservatives that runs Falkirk Council that has alienated and embarrassed many traditional Labour voters and members of that party.

Gross financial mismanagement, slashing of services, failure on the town centre regeneration programme and selection of the wrong priorities such as the proposed £20m new council headquarters have added to the disconnect with a party with only one Scottish MP when previously they dominated.

Knocking the doors in Denny and Banknock it is clear that it is the SNP who are viewed as the defender of ordinary people and the main opposition to the most right wing Tory Government this country has seen in living memory.

For Labour, they are left with a b-election no one in the local party wants nor are any of them prepared to put their heads above the parapet and try to sell the record to their friends and neighbours.

The Tories on the other hand do have a local candidate who will; I have no doubt, be claiming that with a Tory Depute Leader of Falkirk Council and a Tory Depute Provost they are at the heart of Falkirk Council political decision making, courtesy of the Labour Party. They will claim that Tory policies are being implemented every day and they are correct in this but these are not the policies the people of Denny and Banknock want to see.

Is it any wonder no local Labour member was prepared to represent that coalition when the people of Denny & Banknock go to the polls on 13 August to elect a local Councillor.”

Cllr David Alexander

SNP Group Falkirk Council

The full list of candidates is at;

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2 Responses to Does The Denny & Banknock By-Election Epitomise The Fall Of The Labour Party?

  1. Colin Seivwright says:

    Little did i think that when i moved from my native Aberdeen to Falkirk some 27 years ago that the day would come when the Labour Party could not find a local person to stand as their Candidate in Denny. No doubt the sight of Labour standing shoulder to shoulder with the Tories during the Referendum was to much for the Denny Labour faithful. But as this is a council by-election maybe the good people of Denny need to examine the record of the Labour/Tory Administration, the threats to cut school hours,the closing of a centre for special needs, the refuge bins now being emptied every third week and i am sure the local SNP Candidate will outline a few more in the lead up to polling day. Although i have not seen the figures the people of Denny i assume gave a massive vote of confidence to John McNally when he stood at the General Election and i would hope they do so for the SNP Candidate Paul Garner.

  2. Brian McCabe says:

    Can I wish Andrew Bell all the very best? He’ll need it! I know, a bit peculiar wishing a Labour ‘hopeful’ best wishes when the SNP have your own candidate but, come on, let’s be fair, Mr Bell’s been picked quite simply to take one for the team. It would seem no one else wanted to!
    Names I had heard bandied about and who all seemed reluctant to accept the poisoned chalice included Mae MacIntyre, Alex Waddell, Peter O’Donnell, Val Thomson, Jim Murphy. Ok, the last one was a joke (in more ways than one) and I don’t know if any of the others are actually Labour Party members, but it tells you ALL you need to know about the Labour Party in Scotland in general but in Denny in particular.
    For them not to be able to even scramble a local candidate speaks volumes about the dire straits this party is in. Their Denny membership must be at an all time low when no genuine socialist candidate is prepared to represent the local community. How poor; how sad. Never mind!
    Best wishes to Mr Garner in his election campaign. DEVEL.
    Denny Electoral Votes Excluding Labour.
    Don’t know where I got that idea from.

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