Police called to investigate Labour election leaflet

David Alexander

Police have been called into Falkirk Council to investigate how the content of a private letter from SNP Councillor, David Alexander, to Michael Matheson found its way into a leaflet produced by Falkirk West Labour candidate, Dennis Goldie.

In the “Local Voice” newspaper produced by the Labour Party former Independent Councillor, Billy Buchanan is quoted as saying…

“to make matters worse Michael Matheson was written to by SNP Group Leader, David Alexander asking if Keith Brown had sent out the letter without his knowledge and asking if he realised the implications for the election on May 5.”

The letter Billy Buchanan was quoting was a private letter dictated by Councillor Alexander to a Falkirk Council typist and sent directly to Mr Matheson by post. Only two copies exist, the original was sent by the council to Mr Matheson the other is under lock and key in the office of the SNP Councillor.

Said Councillor Alexander,

“To say that I am concerned that private correspondence from myself to the local SNP MSP for the area has found its way into the hands of the Labour Party via Billy Buchanan.

The SNP have a right to privacy and yet there appears to be no privacy in terms of Falkirk Council’s internal security.

It is ironic that at a time certain national tabloids are being exposed for phone tampering we have an example on our doorsteps of mail tampering.”

Councillor Alexander was quick to clear staff of suspicion but has called on council Chief Executive to urgently review internal procedures for dealing with private mail to ensure security for SNP members.

Said David Alexander,

“it is essential for democracy that this scandal is not swept under the carpet as other recent incidents involving Labour, Tory and Independent Councillors have.

The secretarial staff have been put in an impossible position by Labour and their allies within the council.

No suspicion falls on them but we do need an explanation of how confidential correspondence finds its way via Buchanan to Goldie”


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