Tory Budget Bad News For The People Of Denny Says SNP By-Election Candidate

11667942_10203063552948283_569357784_nLast weeks budget statement by Chancellor , George Osborne will come as a hammer-blow to hundreds of already disadvantaged families in the Denny & Banknock Ward according to Paul Garner, the SNP candidate in the forthcoming by-election in that ward. Mr Garner said;

“This first Tory budget of the new parliament is a mix of con artistry, safeguards for the rich and punishment for working people, those on lower incomes, the young and the vulnerable.

Yet more real cuts in living standards for the communities of the Denny and Banknock area, cuts which will drive more families into poverty in a country where poverty should not exist in 2015.

I am fully committed to the continued implementation of our party’s anti-austerity policies. My message to the people of Denny and Banknock is clear: A vote for me on August 13 is a vote to support of protecting our communities from the excesses of a Westminster government concerned only with the furtherance of its own interests.

I will fight these Tory cuts, and those of the current Labour/Tory administration at Falkirk Council, at every opportunity, and the SNP will continue to implement programmes in Scotland which defy the slashing of services and under-investment in our communities.”

Mr Garner was also critical of the position adopted by the official opposition, the Labour Party who have endorsed the proposed £12 billion cut in the Welfare Budget that will see the incomes of hundreds of local families slashed.

Mr Garner went on to say;

“We haven’t been short of proof recently that Labour has morphed into a Tory mark two party. However, the news that they will side with the Tories over the £12 billion cut which effectively heralds the beginning of the dismantling of the Welfare State is coming as a final straw for many people in the Denny area who previously described themselves as Labour supporters.

It is no wonder no one from the local Labour Party was prepared o put themselves forward as a candidate in this ward and defend their record.”

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