SNP Pledge To Fight Falkirk Library Closure And Relocation

libraryFalkirk Council’s SNP Group has pledged to fight any proposal to close and relocate the iconic Falkirk Library in Hope Street.

Alarm bells started to ring for the Nationalists when a report put before Falkirk Council indicated that the Falkirk Community Trust were considering relocating the library to either the new Forth Valley College Campus at Middlefield or the site of the new council headquarters.

Speaking after the meeting that approved the building of a new £21m council HQ by the Provost’s casting vote SNP Group Leader, Cecil Meiklejohn said,

“The first indication we received that there is a threat to Falkirk Library came with the publication of the latest  report for a new council headquarters. We have been presented with a report that has detailed figures for closure and relocation that would appear to give the indication this is being treated seriously by the Administration.

Given that Falkirk Library belongs to the people of Falkirk and we are the democratically elected representatives of the people this is a worrying situation.”

“Labour claim these are the views of the Falkirk Community Trust but this is a body they established and they determined will meet behind closed doors and so they must take full responsibility for.”

“Public Libraries were set up to assist working class people achieve as good an education as possible and so it is no surprise that Labour and the Tories are jointly seeking to undermine the concept for relocation to Middlefield will be disastrous for vulnerable people. “

Many unemployed people from the west of the district in particular sign on with the DWP then attend the library to use the computers to search for jobs.  Making the library inaccessible not only makes it more difficult for people to find work but also increasing the threat of sanctions imposed by the DWP.”

“I can assure the Labour and Tory Administration that we will not sit back and take such a betrayal of the people of Falkirk district lightly and will campaign vigorously for the retention of the existing Falkirk Library.”

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5 Responses to SNP Pledge To Fight Falkirk Library Closure And Relocation

  1. Stanley Antczak says:

    Town Hall, Library!!!!! What,s next. The people of Falkirk are angry at New Council Building going ahead when the majority of folks are feeling the pinch. It,s a disgrace that they have not been asked for their feedback on this matter, council offices are deemed unsuitable for staff at least staff are employed, they have jobs that let them take a wage home. This is going to cost a fortune to the community to carry out this Fiasco and I feel now is not the time for such a project to take place. The Provost should be ashamed to cast his vote in this matter when the people in the real world are furious at such a waste of public money being used in this way.

  2. Martha McKinnon says:

    We the members must act fast to get this stopped! How about if we got a petition on the go, and let those labour councillors see how many of the public are disgusted by their absurd proposals, and their lack of listening skills!

  3. colin seivwright says:

    If there are enough objections from Wellside Place and surrounding houses ,can the Scottish Government not call it in, and put a stop to it.?

  4. Marjory lamont says:

    Great idea !! ….. I’d be happy to sign a petition….. Falkirk council are a joke … The town centre is full of charity shops, mobile phone shops, £ shops and tattoo parlours……they are closing both summerford and oakbank residential homes for the elderly despite the fact that social services are crying out for placements for vulnerable elderly people….. They are tearing the heart out of the Falkirk community

  5. William Mills says:

    Growing up in Camelon and attending Falkirk High School in the 1960s I shared a bedroom in my family’s 2 bed council flat with 2 brothers. Without the Reference Library I would have had nowhere quiet to study.
    It was also my first experience of a “grand building” and I found it truly inspiring. From the age of 8 I was a fortnightly visitor to the junior lending library where I developed my love of literature. There were few books in my home (no room!) and the library was another world. I would be immensely sad if my home town was to lose this iconic public building. I now live in England but if there is a need for Bairns to lie in front of Hope Street bulldozers I’m your man.

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