The Council Tax Freeze – The Facts

municipal buildingsOver the last few months the Labour Party has fought a relentless campaign through a compliant media blaming the Counci Tax Freeze for all of  local government’s woes.

The facts as outlined below are fast becoming lost as Labour shamefully play on people’s guilt at receiving a benefit Labour claim is at the expense of others less fortunate.

This is the same Labour Party who circulated a leaflet in 2007 claiming the SNP were about to take £250 per year out of the pockets of hard pressed families. They claim in that publication a tax rise would hit the most vulnerable in our community, particularly low income families.

Now Labour want to impose inflation busting increases in Council Tax Bills on thosoe same families.

Below is the full text of a press release sent to the Falkirk Herald, judge for yourself whose position has changed as they stumble from one position to the next.

Quote from Cecil Meiklejohn, SNP Group Leader, on Council Tax Freeze

“For each of the nine years the council tax freeze will have been in place Falkirk Council has received an additional £1.8million, a total of £16 million or the equivalent of a 3.8% increase in the council tax for each year.

This means the council tax freeze has benefited the average family by over £2000 during the nine years and if the Scottish Government hadn’t financed the freeze then this year’s Band D Council Tax would have been at least £426 higher.

At a time when families are being hard pushed and wages being frozen then we believe that the Council Tax freeze has been a huge relief for those on low incomes particularly. Indeed even the current council leaders have admitted that the fastest growing group requiring the assistance of food banks are low paid workers, the very group who benefit most from a Council Tax Freeze.

The Labour / Tory Administration now have to put their money where their mouth is and decide whether they wish to forfeit the £1.8million on offer and increase the Council Tax by 4% or over in order to make a difference.

SNP members of the council’s Executive Committee pointed out that the Administration are claiming a £25million black hole and that with a 1% increase in the Council Tax bringing in approximately £470,000 it would take a Council Tax rise of over 53% to fill it.

What the Labour and Tory Parties need to do now is tell us how much they would increase the Council Tax by to make any significant impact on their so called black hole.”

Council Tax Freeze With Year 1 Band D and Accumulated Figures if the Council Tax had increased by 3.8% each year, the amount paid by The Scottish Government. Any increase above that figure, as Labour are seeking would add to the growing level of Council Tax.


Year Band D CT + 3.8% New Band D CT Annual Benefit Accumulative Benefit
1 £1070 £40,64 £1110.64 £40.64 £40.64
2 £1110.64 £42.20 £1152.84 £82.86 £123.50
3 £1152.84 £43.80 £1196.68 £126.66 £250.16
4 £1196.68 £45.48 £1242.16 £172.14 £422.32
5 £1242.16 £47.20 £1289.36 £219.34 £641.64
6 £1289.36 £48.99 £1338,35 £268.33 £909.97
7 £1338.35 £50.86 £1389.21 £319.19 £1229.16
8 £1389.21 £52.79 £1442.00 £371.98 £1601.14
9 £1442.00 £54.80 £1476.80 £426.78 £2027.92
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3 Responses to The Council Tax Freeze – The Facts

  1. William Middleton says:

    OK I believe you, but I believe and trust in the SNP. Now we need to publish this chart and add it to a leaflet for posting through doors. We have to be able to capitalise on the truth here against Labour and Tory ‘SNPbad’ nonsense. Let the facts speak for themselves. It is quite a complicated issue for discussing on doorsteps, keep it simple but accurate.

  2. That’s Labour for you.

  3. Brian McCabe says:

    Falkirk Labour have been bumping their gums about not having the power to raise council tax for at least 2-3 years now. Each time Adrian Mahoney blamed the SNPbad government for not allowing them nice Labour/Tory people to raise the council tax, it’s been pointed out to him, ever so nicely, to go ahead and raise the council tax, no one is stopping him.
    As long as they calculate how much they’ll lose in government monies to maintain the tax freeze.
    This time round I think they would’ve eventually done it.
    Not on their own mind. They don’t have the bottle to make that small step. No, I think it would’ve been as part of a COSLA inspired ‘nuclear’ option where all Labour held councils would’ve gone for a council tax hike, a BIG hike.
    Unfortunately that man Swinney wouldn’t play the game; or perhaps he did!
    He called their bluff. “Carry on, increase council tax. You will lose the tax freeze cash; the Integration millions; etc …”
    He basically outnuked the nukes. Lol. And very funny to see. ?
    I’m convinced that Labour know they are a dead duck in the water as far as constituency MSP’s are concerned, they’ll only rely on the List MSP candidates. So that being the case, they’d’ve increased the council tax, to come into effect in April, just in time to catch the electioneering leaflets coming through the doors, and blamed it ALL on SNPbad.
    But ‘Swifty’ Swinney spiked their guns.
    Council Tax hike? Foggedaboudit! ?

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