municipal buildingsBelow are the changes to the Labour / Tory Budget moved by the SNP on the 17thof February within the Municipal Chambers.

After a four hour recess the Labour and Conservative Councillors along with Billy Buchanan returned to the room and rejected every single amendment.

Council leader, Craig Martin was forced to admit that on the £250m made available to the Joint Integration Boards on Social Care, of which Falkirk will receive over £7m, he had not sought details of what other councils were doing until budget day itself. The SNP on the other hand were able to demonstrate with a list of councils who had included a significantly higher figure of income from the new boards in their budgets than Falkirk, as per the advice of John Swinney.

When the vote was taken the jobs of 150 local people by a single vote, 16 to 15 in a sad day for local democracy.

Additional Income & Amendment

From part year savings on the establishment of the Living Wage from October, half year costs, with the remainder being available to local authorities to meet pressure areas including the £70k on page 53 £2.27m.

Addition transfer from to IJB funds to cover the delivery of Social Care as per the advice from the Scottish Government, the papers allow £1m, the advice is that this is predominately local authority areas and so the funding the second tranche Integration Board be increased by, £1,25m

2015/16 projected underspend to be carried forward to 16/17 as occurs in Holyrood. £2.1m

Rebasing of budgets to recognise recurring sections of 15/16 underspend, to be shared pro-rata amongst all council budgets £200k.

Changing in advertising policy including advertising on roundabouts, publications such as the council newspaper and council vehicles. £175k

Charge to supermarkets for returning trolleys or their scrap metal value if refused by their owners, £20k

Introduction of flexibility in pricing to allow local companies and residents to pay a realistic fee for designated car parking spaces in places such as Kemper Ave, Meeks Road and the Municipal Buildings. £10k

Reconfigured bus routes efficiencies working in partnership to protect services, £25k

Review of aids and adaptations procedures to transfer more responsibility from Social Services to Housing, £35k

Reduction of SRA’s to match 3 service model plus convenors of Planning, Licensing and Scrutiny, the latter two at the reduced rate. £20k

Charge of £10 registration fee for Garden Aid Service, HRA to meet cost of council tenants participation, £30k.

Reduction in overtime from the £3m budget, an additional £70k by reorganisation and continued moves to weekend working, £70k

Building Maintenance profits are estimated to drop this year for no apparent reason, restore target and add 3% = £50k

Procurement savings, £35k

Targets for council tax collection unrealistically low, £150k


SNP Proposals For Additional Invetment

Children’s Services

  • Delete cut in Learning Assistant Posts page 78, 1, £763k
  • Delete cuts to Community Learning, 78, 4 £300k
  • Delete hall closure plan pending the outcome of Community Empowerment Bill, 78, 5 £190k
  • Retain Family Support Service pending a review of how this service will fit with the new integrated Children’s Services 79, 19, £300k

Total increased investment in Children’s Services £1.553,000

Social Work Adult Services

  • Delete funding cuts to FDAMH & Caledonian Clubhouse until after a full review has been completed into the manner in which Mental Health Services are organised, 81, 8, £35k
  • Delete cut for reprofiling of eligibility criteria pending a full review to be carried out for 2017/18, £500k
  • Delete cuts in care home provision until a full review of need has taken place including the need to retain staff given the shortage of staff in homecare, 81, 10, £300k.
  • Additional investment in Respite Care to compensate for the loss of the Meadows, £83k

Total increased investment in Social Work Adult Services £918k

 Development Services

  • Delete cut to Employment Training Unit, page 82, 8, £200k.
  • Delete proposed charges for waste collection for charities, page 82, 13 £50k
  • Maintain current Ground Maintenance levels, 83, 17, £190k
  • Additional works to build towards a STAG Report in to the possible railways stations at Bonnybridge and Grangemouth as well as other strategic public transport issues in those areas. £70k
  • Restore small business grants, 82, 89, £89k
  • Retain existing winter gritting routes, 83, 22, £150k
  • Retain the existing Roads Budget, 83, 21, £200k
  • Maintain Dial a Journey Service for the elderly and disabled people, 83, 23, £141k
  • Maintain existing funding of Town Centre Management Co, £75k
  • Retain the existing Community Safety Budget and manning levels, £100k

 Total increased investment in Development Services £1,265,000

Corporate & Housing

  • Retain the Garden Aid Service, 84. 1 £275k
  • Delete the cut in Customer First staff, 84, 5, £136k
  • Delete the proposal to centralise Registrars, 84, 7 £100k



  • Leave Unallocated reserves at current level, £2,100m

 Falkirk Leisure Trust,

  • Maintain Mobile Library Service, £93k

 Total additional investment £6,440,000

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  1. William Middleton says:

    This is a damned disgrace. Just more SNPBAD from a useless Council dithering about and failing the people of Falkirk in the process! They, like others, forget that budget cuts are not a Scottish Government ploy simply to annoy Labour or Tory etc Councilors, but come via that other so called ‘Mother’ of Parliaments at Westminster. Times are tough and it takes just a little bit more time and THINKING to properly analyse and prioritise a realistic solution – which is exactly what the SNP Group appears to have done, and it gets rubbished by this bunch of jokers. What about a bit of TORYBAD for a change from Labour, and hit the real culprits of these cuts with whines and whinges, which is all they are capable of. Sad, Sad, Sad!

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