SNP Launch Campaign On Labour & Tory Cuts

cecil-meiklejohnThe SNP has launched an information campaign to press Falkirk Council’s Labour and Tory leaders to reverse many of the cuts approved last week as the implications of their impact become apparent.

Falkirk Council unlike most other councils have not made claim to their full allocation of £250million for the delivery of Homecare, the SNP believe that the council has passed up around £4million the council has rights to based on the experience across Scotland.

Falkirk Council’s SNP Group Leader, Cecil Meiklejohn said,

“Its is clear that the council’s Labour and Tory Councillors never did their homework before producing the most right wing budget this district has ever seen.”

“Privately Labour members are angry and frustrated with their leaders for the blunder that was the Labour / Tory budget.”

“They have begun to realise that, for example, 6000 elderly and disabled residents wont have their grass and hedges cut this summer and there is no Plan B when the gardens get out of hand and elderly people start to receive threatening letters from the council.”

“It isn’t to late for a change of heart, there is money in the system for services such as the Garden Aid.”

“Once the people of Falkirk District become aware of not only the level of cuts but also the fact there were alternatives the levels of anger will engulf the Administration and force a change of heart.”

A brief leaflet has been prepared with a more detailed version to follow.

budget pdf


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  1. colin seivwright says:

    Must say i am a bit confused having just read Craig Martin Jnr’ Facebook page , he say’s vote for him to stop the cuts and improve Falkirk East.Is this a mistake or did he not know what he did on Wednesday night, i thought he voted for cuts ,or did i get it wrong.

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