SNP Pair Blast Labour Colleague For Non Appearance In Crucial Vote

ann-ritchieBo’ ness’s sole Labour Councillor, Adrian Mahoney, has been criticised by the town’s two SNP Councillors for failing to appear for a crucial vote on the future of the town’s One Stop Shop.

Falkirk Council’s Executive Committee was due to hear the case for closure of the One Stop Shop on Tuesday 14 March, just two weeks after the Director of Corporate and Housing Services had assured the opposition SNP Group there were no plans to close any of the One Stop Shops.  exchange).

Neither of the two SNP Councillors for the town are members of the 12 person Executive Committee, the SNP receiving only 2 of the places available. However, Bo’ness Labour Councillor, Adrian Mahoney is a member and was expected to fight the town’s corner but failed to show for the meeting.

Said Councillor Ann Ritchie,

“I understand that one of my colleagues asked the question at the Executive Committee why the only Bo’ness member of the committee was not present but no answer was forthcoming.”

“I can only conclude that Cllr Mahoney has ducked out of having to choose between the interests of the Labour / Tory Coalition Administration or actually fighting for the retention of the One Stop Shop, a well used facility, particularly for the elderly.”

“If that the case then Adrian has some explaining to do as it is clear the Administration want to go over and above the cuts they are inflicting on the people of Bo’ness from the levels they set in the budget process for next year.

Now we can add the closure of the One Stop Shop to the removal of the Garden Aid Service, cuts in the winter gritting programme and cuts in the Classroom Assistants staff thus, once again, hitting the most vulnerable hardest.”

Reacting to the news that Councillor Mahoney attended an internal training  event in the same venue 90 minutes after the Executive Committee ended.

An angry Councillor Sandy Turner added,

“This adds insult to injury and I am astonished and saddened that Cllr Mahoney has so little commitment to representing the people of Bo’ness in general and the most vulnerable of the town in particular.”.

Bo’ness deserves better.”

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2 Responses to SNP Pair Blast Labour Colleague For Non Appearance In Crucial Vote

  1. colin seivwright says:

    Mahoney is just like the rest of the Labour Group only in it for the money, cut his allowance and he would disappear faster than a rat up a pipe.

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