Labour’s Candidate Supports Closure Of Bo’ness One Stop Shop

Craig R MartinLabour candidate for the Falkirk East Holyrood seat has backed the closure of the Bo’ness One Stop Shop despite previously giving a commitment as recently as four weeks ago to support the retention of all One Stop shops throughout Falkirk District.

However, this week Martin who is also a Falkirk Councillor performed a spectacular u-turn and backed the closure of the Bo’ness facility despite evidence that this would damage the elderly and vulnerable people who make up the core  service users.

At the meeting of the council’s Executive Committee Martin described the One Stop shops as “an outdated model” and claimed people want to transact business online. He then voted down an SNP motion that would have provided a period of consultation with the people of Bo’ness.

Having effectively held the casting vote at the council’s Budget meeting that robbed pensioners and disabled people of services such as Garden Aid, the vote was 16 to 15 for the cuts, so we can now add this to Craig Martin’s growing reputation for cuts.

SNP candidate Angus MacDonald MSP criticised the cut in service and called on the Labour / Tory Administration that includes Craig R Martin, to think of the impact on the elderly and those who don’t have access to the internet.

He went on to say,

“The arrogance shown by Craig Martin is only matched by his ignorance of the needs of the people of Bo’ness, particularly the needs of the elderly.”

“As recently as 1 March Craig’s council officials were re-assuring SNP Councillors that there was no threat to the One Stop Shops. Now we have another cut that is unnecessary and unbudgeted for.”

“Now he wants to close a service down without even asking those who are most affected their views on the cut.”

“This is a cut too far at a time when Bo’ness is facing a major bank closure and other challenges in the town centre. The Council must reconsider this damaging decision.”

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2 Responses to Labour’s Candidate Supports Closure Of Bo’ness One Stop Shop

  1. Jamie Jones says:

    Ah councillor martin, the man who wants to represent his local constituents at holyrood but blocks one on social media when they challenge his claims with the facts that totally blow apart his narrative…..

  2. Mary Antczak says:

    I think it,s unfair to take away the One Stop Shop. Most older people don,t use computors to carry out their financial business etc. Everyone assumes online is the only way to do things and it,s untrue. They need to rethink this one!!!

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