cecil-meiklejohnThe opposition SNP Group within Falkirk Council are demanding immediate answers following the Herald’s front page revelation that the council had rejected a possible £10billion investment from China

The council is run by a coalition of Labour, Tory and a single Independent who took the decision to reject the possible investment although no formal council procedures were activated resulting in SNP members being kept in the dark over the whole transaction.

The Nationalists are also seeking a full explanation of the purpose and the outcome of recent trips to China by senior Councillors and officers of the council. Despite the fact several trips and delegations have travelled to China no report has been brought before council with regard to their purpose or outcomes of the various trips..

In a letter to Falkirk Council Chief Executive Mary Pitcaithly SNP Group Leader, Cecil Meiklejohn is demanding answers.

‘If Falkirk Council has indeed adopted a position possible inward investment as the Herald article would appear to indicate without carrying out due diligence or even the most basic of consultation with elected councillors serious questions have to be asked with regards to the openness, transparency and  ethos of Falkirk Council.”

“It is totally unacceptable for opposition SNP members to read in the press such announcements without even the courtesy of any contact what so ever from the administration leaders or council, officials.”

“This can not go unchallenged and I am demanding a full explanation as well as the an audit of the links to China by both Falkirk Council elected representatives and officers of the council before we decide whether this matter should be brought to the attention of Audit Scotland.”


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