Matheson & MacDonald Welcome Senior Labour Councillor’s Intervention In Election Campaign

Michael MathesonSNP candidates for the Falkirk West and Falkirk East Constituencies, Michael Matheson and Angus McDonald, have welcomed the intervention into the election campaign by senior Labour Councillor, Dennis Goldie.

Speaking in a debate within Falkirk Council Mr Goldie, appeared to concede the May 5 election to the Scottish Parliament.

When further pressed by an SNP member of the council Mr Goldie astounded colleagues, not least the Labour candidate for Falkirk East, Councillor Craig R Martin, who was sitting next to him, when he said,

“I am quite happy to concede the election; my party leader conceded the election three months ago.”

Falkirk West SNP candidate, Michael Matheson said,

“This is a significant development as the message going out to Labour voters from Dennis Goldie is, there is no point in voting Labour on May 5th. That is an extraordinary position for a senior Labour Councillor to adopt, particularly when you consider Dennis Goldie was the Labour candidate in 2007 and 2011”.

“For our part, the SNP will never take for granted the support of the people of Falkirk district and will be working hard to retain and build on the fantastic support we have won this past few elections.”

The comments from Mr Goldie were also welcomed by Falkirk East SNP candidate, Angus MacDonald, who said.

“Dennis’s comments must have come like a dagger to the heart of his council colleague, Craig R Martin and demonstrates the lack of unity within the Labour Party.”

“This is the latest example of their entire campaign disintegrating when placed under any kind of scrutiny.”

“The SNP on the other hand have presented a modern and ambitious manifesto that puts fairness at the centre of our programme for government.”

“”Policies such as free education, the retention of the NHS in public ownership and free prescriptions for those who need them, form the backbone of a manifesto people can trust.”


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2 Responses to Matheson & MacDonald Welcome Senior Labour Councillor’s Intervention In Election Campaign

  1. colin seivwright says:

    Wish i had known yesterday that they had conceded, i would not have voted for them ,is it to late to get my postal vote back.LOL.

  2. Cllr David Alexander says:

    Nothing in the press about this despite a Falkirk Herald Reporter being at the meeting. Just think what the reaction would be in the press if I made a similar comment about the SNP prospects in any election past or present?

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