Orange Twist

municipal buildingsAt the last meeting of the Falkirk Council’s Executive Committee a paper was put to Councillors relating to an application for financial assistance submitted by the Orange Order for a grant from the council’s Community Grants Fund.

The paper contained the rules as well as the processes for applicants for the Community Grants Fund.

No other option was contained in the papers and the SNP amendment on the day made reference to the Community Grants Scheme with no one questioning the validity of the amendment as always happens on other occasions.

It was therefore anticipated that the minutes of that meeting were due to be approved at the next meeting held on 7 June and would pass off without further comment.

However, in a letter to SNP Councillor David Alexander from Falkirk Council’s Chief Executive, Mary Pitcaithly some doubt was raised about which budget the grant of £1,145 was actually paid from.

When pressed officers admitted that the award had been made from the council’s Roads Budget and not the Community Grants Fund as indicated in the previous papers.

This should have led to the application being brought back to committee to discuss the circumstances of why there had been a change in actions taken from the terms of the report pushed through by Labour just a few weeks ago.

What was clear was that something had changed from the previous report with the suspicion being that the initial award was challengeable hence the transaction being transport linked.

Instead of accepting that they had been caught out and a full explanation given the Labour members brought further ridicule upon themselves by claiming  the intention was always to pay this grant from the Roads Budget a fund  slashed by Labour to the tune of £200,000 this year.

A Freedom of Information request has been submitted as the SNP are demanding the people be told the truth and will pursue that objective. 

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2 Responses to Orange Twist

  1. William Middleton says:

    I am glad to see that someone is making sure that the rules are being adhered to, and public money not further squandered on none essential nonsense like an Orange march that has no interest to the public at large.

  2. Paul Fraser says:

    The Orange Order ARE a group of promotion for intolerance and still today IS source of trouble from its members when a march occurs with unrest comparable to an after football match!!!

    Labour will see themselves loose next elections (like the two previous) due to their extraordinary capacity to shoot themselves in the foot, contempt for taking the Scottish Electorate for granted!

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