imagesThe Scottish National Party in Falkirk would wish to express our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Jo Cox MP.

The horrendous attack on an elected member of the UK Parliament is not just an attack on a hard working MP but an attack on democracy itself.

While it is right to hold our politician to account for their political decisions we should never forget that politicians at all levels spend most of their working time helping people through their casework.

There can be no place in our society for violence and or intimidation which is why the growth of the extreme right is a worrying trend.. Whether is be the murder of Jo Cox or the attack on YES campaigners on George Square on 18 September 2014 the thugs can’t be allowed to win.

The more accessible we ask our MP’s, MSP’s and Councillors to be in order to assist those who require assistance the greater the risk we put our elected representatives at. However, the vast majority of elected representatives will continue making themselves accessible, still visit constituents at their home and retain the link with the wider community. They will do so because, across party lines, they care.


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  1. John Davidson says:

    How sad a young and very prominent labour politician was attacked and killed by a crazed mindless nobody all she was trying to do is make this world a safer place to live in r.I.p.Jo cox,s our hearts go out to her Young children her husband family and friends

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