Transport For Disabled People Cut For The Sake Of £5,100

dial a journeyThe reputation of Falkirk Council for getting priorities wrong took another turn when for the sake of £5,100 they withdrew weekend transport for disabled people.

Dial a Journey I a charity that provides door to day transport for disabled people who are unable to use public transport. For service users Dial a Journey are the difference between isolation and freedom.

Labour and their Tory allies proposed a cut in funding that reduced the seven days a week availability to a Monday to Friday office hours only service that is restricted to within the Falkirk Council Boundaries.

An SNP amendment that would have restored the seven day a week service and removed the restriction on the no further than Falkirk ruling.

The cost to Falkirk Council of the SNP amendment would have been a miserly £5,100 for a council with a £300m budget, reserves of £34m and an under-spend from the previous year of £2.3m.

Earlier Councillors heard an impassioned plea from blind resident Lawson Easson who challenged Councillors to wear a blindfold for a day to try to simulate the effect of losing your sight.

Ms Easson also outlined how important the Dial a Journey Service is to her describing it as “a life saving service that gives her the independence others take for granted.”

Speaking after Labour and Tory Councillors threw out the SNP motion claiming that the £5k would leave the rest of public transport throughout the district SNP Group Leader, Cecil Meiklejohn said,

“It was hard to believe that the people destroying essential services to the most vulnerable group of people within our community were Labour Party members who claim to be socialists.”

“They callous approach to the needs of these people have robbed many of those affected their independence and only source of contact with the outside world.”

“Only the most unfeeling would fail to have been moved by the words of Lawson Easson who described the problems of using a taxi in actually finding the taxi when it peeps it horn outside and yet every Labour and every Tory Councillor, along with Billy Buchanan, shunned that plea.”

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  1. Eddie Shotliff says:

    The current administration is so out of touch and would be interesting to find out who Lawson Easson local councillor was and how he voted

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