ann-ritchieThe Bo’ness Branch of the Scottish National Party (SNP) have called on the Labour-led administration at Falkirk Council to reverse their decision to close the local One Stop Shop.

With news that the closure is likely to take effect before the end of this year (2016), fresh calls are being made and local councillor Ann Ritchie is seeking signatures for a petition she intends to present to the leader of Falkirk Council, Craig Martin.

Members of the public can add their support by signing a copy of the petition which is available at shops throughout Bo’ness, including the Ivy Tea Room and Oliphants in the town centre.

Local SNP councillor, Ann Ritchie, commented:

“The announcement of the closure of the Bo’ness One Stop Shop is the latest in a long line of terrible decisions by Falkirk Council’s Labour-led administration showing Bo’ness is no priority for them and their Tory colleagues.

“Following representation from the community, I along with the support of my SNP colleagues feel it is important that the community’s views are heard and that is why we have taken this action. We want this petition to demonstrate that the One Stop Shop is an important and key resource for the people of Bo’ness and needs to be retained; it is integral to delivering a vital service. At a time when town centres across the country are struggling, this decision by local Labour and Tory politicians puts the final nail in the coffin.

“I would strongly urge everyone in the local community to sign this petition to protect an important service for the people of Bo’ness.”



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  1. Jimmy Simpson says:

    We need the one stop shop in Bo’ness, everything else has been stripped from the town FDC are killing the town under this labour council.
    We have a high population of older residents that are not fit to travel on long distances on public transport.
    We lost the register office, toilets, tourist information, we stop paying our poll tax if it closes

  2. Charles Archibald says:

    All the closures in the town as well as the busses & banks being cut how is anyone suppose to get to Falkirk when the One Stop closes in the Library? Bo’ness is still growing but Falkirk Council is closing the town down. Why do all our Councillors not support the reverse recommendation.

  3. Paula reid says:

    The town is terrible .everything closing which is resulting in the businesses that are left suffering .who wants to go into the town if the council closes and the toilets.may as well put a gate at each end .keep what we still can save the town .

  4. Graham p says:

    Another horrendous closure why are they trying to grind Bo’ness to a halt?

    Today I had to attend the registrar office…. In Falkirk
    Dentist….. Linlithgow
    Bank…..:: Linlithgow

    What only five years ago would have been 45mins out the house using the facilities on my doorstep instead took me just over two hours and needless travel, thankfully I have a car but for those who rely on buses I would hate to think how long these what should be simple tasks would have taken

  5. Rena Kirton-Vaughan says:

    I no longer live in Bo’ness but had reason to be in the town center recently. It is sad to see the town so derelict and deserted on a weekday afternoon. I worry about my elderly father who still lives in the town and doesn’t drive. The bus service is atrocious and it takes away his independence when he has to rely on his family who are working to take time off to take him places. Please fight to keep the one stop shop open whatever your political persuasion may be.

  6. V. Ashe says:

    Never use it myself; however many older people need this facility to be kept in the town.
    How much more are the councillors or clowncillors going to close and please remember the cuts to the X19.

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