11667942_10203063552948283_569357784_nThe claim that the Labour Party are opposed to Fracking was exposed as a lie by SNP Councillor, Paul Garner, victor of the 2015 Council by-election in the Denny / Banknock Ward.

Councillor Garner, a long term critic of Fracking, had sought to unite the council behind a motion that called for all groups to make their voices heard during the forthcoming public consultation stage of the evidence based review of the process.

The motion he moved was,

Council supports the Scottish Government’ s moratorium on Fracking and their cautious considered and evidence based approach to all Unconventional Gas Extraction.

Council welcomes the public consultation an would encourage all of our citizens to participate.

Labour’s response was to move the following as an alternative.

Council writes to the First Minister asking for details of the Scottish Government’s future long term energy policy in the event of the eventful decision taken to ban all Fracking and the consequences of that policy for the petrochemical and Associated Industries and workforce in the Grangemouth area.”

An astounded Councillor Garner said,

“We knew that there was a split in the Labour Party over the issue of Fracking courtesy of comments made by both Dennis and Gerry Goldie reported in the Falkirk Herald.”

“However, we didn’t think that the real split was between the Falkirk Council Labour Group and the Labour Party as the amendment made to my motion was a clear statement in favour of the pro-fracking lobby.”

“The people of Falkirk District need to know that far from Labour being a party who will act to protect the environment, in Falkirk district will line up shoulder to shoulder with the Conservative Party.”

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  1. J Docherty says:

    Is this the same council ,that gives Grants to secterain organisiation,that tell their members ,they must support unionists parties
    IE the Tories

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