Labour & Tories Pact Becoming A Merger

A leaked memo from the Labour Party in the Braes area of Falkirk has delivered a damming synopsis of both Labour’s tactics and prospects ahead of May’s elections to Falkirk Council.

In 2012 the Upper Braes Ward was the deciding result with Labour taking 2 of the 3 seats in a tightly contested campaign. This left Labour as the biggest party with 14 seats to the SNP’s 13.

The SNP were hotly tipped to reverse the 2012 result and take out Labour’s second candidate and with Labour looking as though they will be the main victims of the cut in the number of Councillors from 32 to 30.

A leaked minute from the Labour Party confirms the low moral within the Labour camp that has led the news Labour are to field only one candidate for the ward despite holding two of the existing seats.

However, the SNP believe that Labour have stood aside to support the Tory candidate for the Upper Braes, James Kerr, as the best prospect of defeating the SNP who remain way ahead in the polls using the Single Transferable Vote system of election.

The SNP point to the fact that Mr Kerr was until very recently a member of the Labour Party and has questioned just how deep the relationship between Labour and the Conservatives really goes.

SNP Group Leader, Cecil Meiklejohn, said,

“The leaked document demonstrates the fact Labour has thrown in the towel in terms of winning the election in their own right and are now seeking Trojan Horse entry to the council via the Tory Party.”

“That means Labour voters, many of whom have had their benefits cut, or faced pay freezes are being asked to vote for the party responsible for pushing tens of thousands of our most vulnerable people into poverty.”

“The people of the Upper Braes have a right to know whether there has been collusion between these two parties in order to misuse the Single Transferable Vote system of election”

“Both party’s bosses may congratulate themselves on devising a wizard wheeze they think may slow the SNP down but the good people of the Braes are no mugs and I suspect will see through this further demonstration of the merging of Labour and Tory parties into one common ethos and one common purpose, to prevent much needed change”


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5 Responses to Labour & Tories Pact Becoming A Merger

  1. It should not be allowed , people should Vote how they want to , surely this transferring of Votes is illegal. Whatever next.

  2. Joe Bruce says:

    Labour’s second councillor in the upper braes came 5th in 1st preferences last time. She only got in thanks to Tory 2nd preferences. Its just a formalisation of what happened, either by accident or design, in 2012. We all knew that the tories could be bought by the offer of a gold chain (deputy provost) but this takes the biscuit.

  3. Brian Hill says:

    Labour and Tory have shown their true colours on many occasions all over Scotland – i.e. self preservation. Both Parties have cheated and lied their to retaining their seats complete with perks.

    These tactics have held Scotland back for decades. It really is time to remove these people from Power and allow the SNP and Greens to run concils between them.

    • Joe Bruce says:

      Where there is only 1 SNP candidate in a ward I would urge voters to give the Green candidate their 2nd pref. Please don’t be daft enough to give ANY of the unionists ANY of your preferences as this only increases the chances of them being elected by default as happened in upper braes last time.

  4. Joe Bruce says:

    Now it’s official. Labour fielding 13 candidates in 9 wards.

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