SNP name their candidate for Boness/Blackness by-election

Ann Ritchie

The SNP has named Bo’ness community activist, Anne Ritchie, as our candidate to contest the Bo’ness & Blackness by-election to be held on 19 November.

The by-election has been brought about by the passing of popular SNP Councillor, Harry Constable, who died in September after 43 years in local government.

Anne, a married mother of two has a long record of service to the wider Bo’ness community and is currently,

  •  An Executive member of the Bo’ness Children’s Fair Day Committee
  • Chair of the Appeals Committee for the Fair Day
  • A Church Elder and Sunday School teacher in the Carriden Parish Church
  • 12 years a member of the Bo’ness Community Council
  • Parent member of the Bo’ness Public School Council
  • Coach to local girls youth football team

The campaign is underway with SNP activists active in the streets as the first party to select and nominate our candidate, Labour have yet to even select a candidate and are not expected to do so until the weekend, only days before the close of nominations on the 28th.

Said Anne Ritchie,

“It is a huge challenge to follow in the footsteps of Harry Constable who was an institution in the town. However, only the SNP can follow in Harry’s footsteps and my dearest wish is to win the seat for the SNP thus continuing the work Harry was to dedicated to.

The next four weeks will be spent encouraging the people of Bo’ness to support the only party that has ever taken our needs seriously, the SNP.

With the support of the wider party throughout Falkirk and District we can not only deliver a significant victory for the SNP but also secure the legacy of Harry Constable”.

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