SNP Team For Falkirk Council Elections Named

Women are to the fore in the SNP team for the May 4 poll for Falkirk Council with 8 female candidates from a total of 15 for the 9 wards to be contested under the Single Transferable Votes (STV) system of election.

Some familiar faces will be missing from the ballot papers, Sandy Turner, Stephen Bird, Steven Carleschi, Colin Chalmers, Martin Oliver and Steven Jackson.

Ward 1 Bo’ness – Alan Gilbert and Ann Ritchie

Ward 2 Grangemouth – David Balfour and Margaret Milne

Ward 3. Denny & Banknock – Fiona Collie and Paul Garner

Ward 4. Tryst – Gary Bouse and Laura Murtagh

Ward 5. Bonnybridge and Larbert Ward – Tom Coleman

Ward 6. Falkirk North – Cecil Meiklejohn and David Alexander

Ward 7. Falkirk South – Lorna Binnie

Ward 8. Lower Braes – Adanna McCue

Ward 9. Upper Braes – Gordon Hughes and Farah Farzana

National opinion polls are encouraging for the SNP but the local party are taking nothing for granted and are fielding 15 candidates, two more than Labour, in the nine wards and have high hopes for all 15.

Quote from SNP Group Leader, Cecil Meiklejohn,

“I would wish first of all to thank the retiring members of the current SNP Group, they have been both supportive of me in my first term as leader and more importantly, effective in holding the Labour / Tory coalition to account.”

“The SNP has grown since the last council elections both in stature and membership. When we last fought a local election we had around 20,000 members, we now have closer to 120,000 members.”

“The 2015 UK General Election and the 2016 Scottish Parliamentary elections were a triumph for the SNP and we are determined to ensure that local government is not left behind in the changes required to improve services and tackle the Tory cuts.”

“I am confident that our gender balanced team have the talent, the energy and the vision to take Falkirk Council forward and restore much of the faith in the local authority lost by the incumbents.”

“That wont be easy, the Labour / Tory Administration have raided the council reserves for a one off give away election bribe leaving the well dry.”

“However the SNP are up for the challenge and are determined to restore partnerships neglected by the current Administration and in doing so improve the lives of the most vulnerable within our communities.”

Cllr David Alexander SNP Group Press Officer, tel 0780 389 8125

Photo 1 from left to right, back row David Alexander, Paul Garner, Gordon Hughes, Farah Farzana, Alan Gilbert,

Middle Row Fiona Collie, Ann Ritchie, Adanna McCue, Tom Coleman,

Front Row, Gary Bouse, David Balfour, Cecil Meiklejohn, Laura Murtagh, Lorna Binnie, Margaret Milne



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2 Responses to SNP Team For Falkirk Council Elections Named

  1. Joe Bruce says:

    I hope we are encouraging voters to give the Greens their second prefs in wards where we are standing only one candidate.

  2. Alan Dick says:

    Many thanks to Steven Jackson for all his great work in the ward you will be sadly missed.

    From all your friends in Laurieston Scouts and Guides.

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