Even Labour councillors don’t like Labour MP’s

Lynda Kenna

In an astonishing turn of events Labour Councillors in Falkirk Council joined with the SNP to condemn the actions of the UK Labour Government in attacking the employment of disabled people locally.

The action came during a debate at Falkirk Council’s Policy & Resources Committee on the Westminster Governments proposals to abandon the hugely successful “Workstep Supported Employment Programme”. This scheme supports disabled people within the community in employment and subsidises such as Falkirk Council’s Sign Factory.

Under UK Labour Government proposals this scheme is to be abandoned with no local authority in Scotland being allowed to tender for the replacement and much reduced scheme being brought forward by the Department of Works and Pensions.

An SNP amendment calling on both local New labour MP’s to explain themselves for their support for such a savage cut in a much valued service was lodged by the SNP and after a ten minute recess Labour Group Leader, Linda Gow, agreed to join with the SNP in calling for a change of Labour policy as well as condemning both Eric Joyce and Michael Connarty.

SNP member of the Policy and Resources Committee Councillor Lynda Kenna, said,

“It seems that not even local Labour Councillors are prepared any more to back the do nothing pair of Connarty and Joyce.

We should welcome the fact that it is now widely recognised that while these MP’s are amongst the worst abuses of the parliamentary expenses system they are also happily voting for measures that will will rob disabled people of the ability to work.

It becomes even more sickening when we consider the published plans to drastically cut disability benefits paid through the DWP, the alternative to work. “

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