Tributes to Harry Constable

Harry Constable

Tributes have flooded in following the death of Scotland’s longest serving Councillor, Harry Constable of the Falkirk Council SNP Group.

Harry passed away in Falkirk Royal Infirmary on Thursday 24 September surrounded by friends and family.

A dedicated and feisty fighter for Scottish Independence Harry had suffered a stroke in July of this year and had spend the previous nine weeks in Falkirk Infirmary.

Harry was first elected to West Lothian County Council in 1966 and served an incredible 43 years in local government later as a Central Regional Councillor, Falkirk District Councillor and then after re-organisation as a Falkirk Councillor.

Tributes were led by SNP First Minister, Alex Salmond,

“Harry was held in high regard by his many friends in the party over a long number of years, and I know from personal experience how dedicated and committed he was to all the tasks that he undertook.

“Harry’s commitment to the national movement and to the people of Bo’ness and Blackness never wavered during his incredible 43 years in local government.”

Delivering the eulogy at the funeral held in the St Andrews Church in Bo’ness, Falkirk Council SNP Group Leader, David Alexander said,

“In terms of the measures of a person’s worth, of honesty, integrity, commitment and principle Harry was a giant of a man.

Even when his health began to fail his only concern was for the well-being of his constituents. His actions were always selfless and always in the best interests of the people he represented.

The SNP is a family and we have lost a father figure and so we are hurting but like all families we will come through this together because the spirit of Harry Constable will go before us as we strive to complete the tasks started by this exceptional politician.”

Below is a link to the SNP’s remembrance page within the members only are of the site dedicated to party stalwarts who have passed on should any SNP member wish to post their tributes.

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