The SNP’s longest serving Councillor, David Alexander, has accused Falkirk Tories of hiding from the people after the party led by Prime Minister Theresa May failed to turn up to a host of local hustings meetings throughout Falkirk.

The Prime Minister has also refused to debate with other party leaders for the General Election which takes place five weeks after the local elections for which these hustings meetings were organised by various local groups.

On Friday 28 April it was the turn of Open Secret, a group established to promote mental health issues and offer support to sufferers. The event included David Alexander from the SNP and Martin Murray for the Labour Party but no Conservative despite an invitation going to their local leadership.

An angry Councillor Alexander said

“The people are being treated with contempt by the Tory Party who appear to be in hiding.”

“Could it be that the only contribution made by Falkirk’s Tories is to hide behind a national campaign that totally ignores local services and is merely a negative attack on the SNP?”

“Perhaps it is fear of exposure to scrutiny for policies such as NHS Privatisation, The Rape Clause in their Welfare cuts programme or maybe they are afraid to show that they are still the party of Thatcher despite the national media makeover.”

“Had they attended the Open Secret hustings they may have learned the scale of the problems being experienced by a significant number of residents of Falkirk and the impact their austerity programme is having on the lives of vulnerable people.  A travesty, while some of the richest people in the country are in receipt of tax cuts.”

There was also no Tory representative present at the recent hustings organised by ENABLE, in the Elgin Park  Centre where only the Greens and Cllr Alexander of the SNP turned up to address questions posed by disabled people and their carers.

Quote from Cllr Alexander,

“The members of ENABLE went to a great deal of trouble to set up their hustings meeting (20 April at Elgin Park) and the lack of members from most of the other parties was nothing short of a slap in the face for these people, they should hang their heads in shame”.


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  1. Joe Bruce says:

    Running scared from local hustings and getting Royal Mail to deliver their leaflets. It remains to be seen if the Tories show up on Thursday.

    • D reid says:

      The tory leaflet being delivered while party political is not election material and has not came through the election channels that all other election material come through it has been paid for by the Tory party and its funders and not at the expense of tax payers
      While it is none the less distasteful it sadly mentions only the aspects of Scottish independence and not council elections local authority matters or in fact the snap general election

  2. Colin Seivwright says:

    And that Ruth Davidson has the cheek to pose sitting on a Disability Scooter,while her party are removing them every day from people who need them.

  3. Cllr Brian McCabe says:

    The Tories locally have an abysmal record. They have supported every cut to local external organisations who offer support to the most vulnerable in our society. From the dreadful bedroom tax all the way through to the despicable rape clause which none of them – none – will come out and defend. The local manifestation of their Leader’s behaviour ie: don’t show up; don’t answer questions; avoid scrutiny at all costs, is now plain for all to see.
    Do you honestly think that the Conservatives have any interest in local issues here in Falkirk? This false dawn of a Tory revival (when you’re having to pay for your leaflets to be delivered by Royal Mail?); leave it out!
    The people of Falkirk deserve better than No Shows and empty rhetoric. It was interesting to note the No Show of the Tories in Bonnybridge as well as the No Show of frit independent Billy Buchanan.
    I was very pleased as a genuine independent candidate seeking re-election, to sit beside fellow independents Safia Ali and Janine Rennie. Along with Cllr David Alexander I feel we could make a formidable force for good in Falkirk Council, particularly when you hear the calumny of how Open Secret were treated by an abysmal Labour/Con administration. Keep it local.

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