Falkirk Council’s SNP Group Leader, Cllr Cecil Meiklejohn has reacted with disappointment at the rebuff from the council’s Labour Group to a power sharing option proposed by the Nationalists.

The SNP chief had sought talks with the council’s Labour leaders following the local elections that saw the SNP become the largest party with 12 but short of the 15 seats required to take outright control of the council. Labour has 9 members, the Tories 7 and there are two Independent Councillors, one of which, Robert Spears, is likely to back the SNP while the other, Billy Buchanan has aligned himself with the Tories previously.

Councillor Meiklejohn said,

“We recognise that no one has an outright majority and in the interests of democracy and the well-being of the council, our residents and staff we believe there is an expectation on us all to act responsibly.”

“I am disappointed both with the content and tone of the reply from the new Labour Group Leader, Dennis Goldie, who has airbrushed out 10 years of a Labour and Conservative Administration within the council and reacted in a petulant manner to what was a serious offer.”

“The SNP will do the right thing by the people of Falkirk and put forward a new minority administration with the ethos of driving services upwards and ensuring that the most vulnerable are protected.”

“We can only achieve this if other groups put people first and act with a degree of maturity.”

“While we make this pledge, if it becomes obvious that the previous Labour / Tory pact remains in place, all be it on a less formal basis than before, Falkirk will become ungovernable and the SNP would have no alternative but to step aside for the short term good of our citizens.”

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  1. Joe Bruce says:

    What a surprise. My money is still on a pan-unionist coalition with Billy Buchanan as Provost.

  2. David reid says:

    Labour showing their true colours oncd more instead of working in the best interest’s of Falkirk and the surrounding area they choose to act like spoilt children …one wonders if indeed they full know the extent of the hole they keep digging for them selves ?

  3. TheStrach says:

    Labour, part of the problem, not the solution.

  4. Carol-Ann says:

    Shocking that even after all the nasty things that the Westminster Tory’s have inflicted on the people of Scotland as well as the UK that ANY political party no matter what they think of the SNP would even consider siding with the Tory’s.

  5. frank jaffray says:

    Scottish labour leader stated they wouldn’t side with anyone that implemented austerity ??? was the Tories that put it thru Westminster

  6. LizH says:

    SNP olive branch BAD- Bluekip austerity GOOD?

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