The Falkirk Council SNP Team

The SNP team entrusted with the task of maintaining a minority Administration within Falkirk Council has been revealed in its entirety.

The Executive team was enlarged when the Labour and Tory Parties voted against a slimmed down executive costing the cash strapped authority around £33,000.

The SNP are the largest party with 12 Councillors, Labour are second with 9, the Tories 7 and two Independents. This means the SNP Group have their work cut out due to the previous close relationship between Labour and the Tories which is well known. Council leaders believe that any evidence of collusion between Labour and the Tories will result in further loss of public support from an already damaged Labour Party,

The list of positions is,

Leader of the Council – Cecil Meiklejohn

Depute Leader Paul Garner

Provost – Tom Coleman

Depute Provost – Ann Ritchie

Portfolio Holders

Economic Development – Tom Coleman

Resources – Gary Bouse

Public Protection – David Alexander

Culture and Tourism – Robert Spears

Children’s services – Adanna McCue

Housing – Gordon Hughes

Health and social services – Fiona Collie

Environment – Paul Garner

Committee Convenors

Planning Committee – David Alexander

Appeals Committee – Gary Bouse

JCC – Lorna Binnie

Appointments – Cecil Meiklejohn

Pension – Tom Coleman

Civic Licensing – Gordon Hughes


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