MSP hits out at Labour closure of fire cadet scheme

Michael Matheson

Falkirk West SNP MSP, Michael Matheson, has hit out at the decision of Labour and Liberal Democrat Councillors to close the hugely successful Fire Brigade Cadet Service for young people.

Labour Councillors led the call to disband the current voluntary service in favour of a single elite unit made up mostly of youths who have come through the criminal justice service.

This led the damaging “Good Kids Out – ASBO Kids in” within the national press sending out the message Labour will reward bad behaviour and punish good kids.

Said Mr Matheson,

“Labour locally are making many bad decisions in a whole range important areas but this must rank as one of the worst.

The message sent out to the families of the cadets that their kids are no longer welcome within the Fire Service is a shameful one given the work undertaken within the wider community.

At a time when we are seeking to get kids off the streets and into positive character building activities Labour are heading in the opposite direction. Craig Martin and his fellow Labour Councillors who took this decision behind closed doors deserve the ridicule they are receiving.”

Further reports are due to be considered by the Joint Fire Board as to how the scheme will be wound up and how the young people involved in the service are to be advised they are no longer welcome.

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