Labour Put Tories In Key Boards Covering, Amongst Others The Environment, Fire & Police In Place of SNP

Falkirk Council’s Labour Group led by Dennis Goldie, moved to send two Tory Councillors to represent the council on COSLA’’s influential Environment and Economy Board and Board for Community Wellbeing that includes services such as Fire and Police.

These posts are filled with the council spokespersons for each of these headings and in this case would have been filled by SNP members, Paul Garner and David Alexander but Labour joined with the Tories to support their nominations of John Patrick and Jim Flynn.

In return the Tories supported the Labour nominations of Allan Nimmo for the Children and Young People Board and Robert Bissett on the Health and Social Care Board, thus denying the official portfolio holders, Adanna McCue and Fiona Collie their place on the boards.

SNP Group Leader, Cecil Meiklejohn said,

“We didn’t have to wait long to see how Labour and the Tories can work for themselves, now they have to show they will work for the people of Falkirk Council.”

“In the last term during the Labour and Conservative Administration the attendance records of those put in place by the council’s leaders were abysmal.”

“We will not let them off with that in the future as SNP members are working hard for the benefit of our people despite attempts to frustrate and derail us and we will ensure that if Labour and their Conservative partners wish to collect titles they will be made to work for them.”

Labour’s embarrassment was further highlighted as they initially indicated they had no nominations and came to the chambers with no proposals, however, Dennis Goldie, sought a ten minute recess the upshot of which was the Labour / Tory joint slates.

The division came at the end of a meeting of the council where the SNP minority Administration had sought to open up Falkirk Council in an inclusive manner.



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4 Responses to Labour Put Tories In Key Boards Covering, Amongst Others The Environment, Fire & Police In Place of SNP

  1. Joe Bruce says:

    Comes as no surprise. Further example of unionist collusion on Falkirk Council.

  2. Sinclair Duffie says:

    Have our Labour councillors no shame…. siding with Tories to get jobs putting their own interests of the people of Falkirk….. come on bairns. Wake up please

  3. Jim Nimmo says:

    They have no shame in them have been involved in a lot of what is wrong with Central Belt Labour for decades.

  4. James McGlynn says:

    It looks to me that the red and blue tories in Falkirk are now the ‘purple’ tories as they have blended successfully and no one can tell the difference .
    You might say Goldie locks out the SNP but this is no fairy tale .
    He is a sad , sad excuse for a politician but an excellent example of the selfish career oriented members that Davidson is encouraging in her nasty party . She will indeed be proud of his actions .
    There was once another politician in these parts called Dennis .
    One word separates him and this poor excuse for a man , ‘ principles ‘.

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