SNP Depute Leader of Falkirk Council Paul Garner, has launched a scathing attack on the council’s Labour Group Leader Dennis Goldie, after both members had clashed at the council’s Executive Committee.

For the second meeting in a row the veteran Labour member claimed the SNP Leader Cecil Meiklejohn, faces attempts to oust her from the leadership of Falkirk Council despite the fact the SNP are the largest party following last May’s elections and have 13 members within their Administration.

The SNP chief pointed out that Mr Goldie can only replace the minority SNP administration through a joint alliance between the Labour Party and the Conservatives. Such a pact has not only been ruled out by UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, but would be classified as a betrayal by the Labour grassroots membership.

The overwhelming majority of Labour Councillors are believed to have opposed Corbyn and were keen on an alliance with the Falkirk Tories, Labour have 9 seats with the Tories at 7.

Councillor Garner said,

“The general public are entitled to expect mature and serious contributions from senior Councillors in particular regarding important matters. It was therefore disconcerting to witness Cllr. Goldie’s behaviour that fell well short in all areas of scrutiny.”

“From seeking to deny responsibility for cuts that were introduced by his administration, to the heckling of an SNP Councillor who pointed out the Scottish Budget is being slashed by more than £3billion. Mr Goldie’s behaviour lacked class and maturity.”

“While being outshone in every area by Cllr Meiklejohn, Mr Goldie’s only reaction was to issue threats and personal abuse. The fact this was directed primarily at a politician Mr Goldie could learn much from, is not lost on those of us who still believe parties need to work together for the benefit of those who elected us and to whom we serve.”

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