The classification of the Scottish Ambulance Service as a “quango” by Labour Councillor Alan Nimmo, is described as “a gross insult” by SNP Councillor David Alexander.

The claim from Councillor Nimmo came during a debate on public sector funding.

The Labour member claimed that local government was falling behind quangos in terms of funding from Holyrood. When questioned and challenged by Councillor Alexander to name the quangos, Councillor Nimmo pointed the finger at the Scottish Ambulance Service.

An angry Councillor Alexander who had served 8 years on the board of the Ambulance Service is demanding a full apology.

Councillor Alexander said:

“The Scottish Ambulance Service is an extremely valuable part of the NHS.  The upskilling of the workforce over the past few years has not only saved countless lives but has resulted in significant savings for the wider NHS.”

“To have this described as a quango and for the funding of the Ambulance Service to be brought into question by a prominent Labour politician is both insulting and worrying.”

“I can only hope that Councillor Nimmo will do the decent thing and apologise in the first instance and secondly join with the SNP in campaigning against the cuts in the Scottish budget.”

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