Another triumph in spin for the Falkirk (Labour Herald)

Labour’s fight back after their disastrous European Election trouncing at the hands of the SNP has started and it is being spearheaded by the Falkirk Herald.

There were hoots of laughter when the Falkirk Herald donated most of its high profile page three to failed Labour politician, Dennis Goldie, picking weeds from the Dollar Park Cenotaph in the edition published on 30 July.

Any credible journalist would have asked who it was that removed the dedicated local workforce that were based at Dollar Park but that would have been embarrassing to the local Labour Party and to former Provost Dennis Goldie.

However, the biscuit was taken with the page three article in the following weeks edition dated 6 August with the attempt to portray Eric Joyce as a martyr for stating the obvious over his governments treatment of our armed forces over the matter of Labour’s determination to claw back money promised to soldiers injured in action.

A balanced article would have included the views of other parties or at least had some searching questions contained within the article. However, the Falkirk Herald don’t do balance nor are they prepared to print the real facts behind the continued betrayal of Scottish troops by Eric Joyce, Britain’s most expensive MP.

Joyce has had nine years to speak out against New Labour and their abdominal treatment of the armed forces that includes;

  • Sending them to Iraq to fight in an illegal war
  • Failing to provide ground troops with the proper equipment
  • Ignoring the plea by military leaders to provide more life saving helicopters in Afghanistan
  • Abolishing identifiable Scottish Regiments while troops were fighting and dying in Iraq
  • Proposing to spend £75 billion on upgrading Trident at the expense of front line troops needs

The people of Falkirk are not as stupid as the Falkirk Herald appear to believe they are and will see through this institutionalised bias on the part of the Falkirk Herald.

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