Falkirk Herald Edits Opposition Motion To Make It Fit

Falkirk Council’s former Independent Councillor, Billy Buchanan has been conspicuous by his absence this past ten years but with his return to the opposition benches he is now back amongst the whacky motions.

For the recent meeting of the Falkirk Council Executive, Committee Buchanan moved a two page rant that ended with the following

”Therefore I would ask that we, as a Council, contact our Justice Minister and demand that legislation be brought in to protect our citizens and enable those he represents to have protection from these bullies and that they be allowed to live their life without the scourge of anti social behaviour and that Michael Matheson bring legislation before the Scottish Parliament to put an end to this anti social behaviour. “

The lack of any credibility in the motion is self evident with the sheer stupidity of a conclusion that believes legislation can effectively abolish anti social behaviour.

So how did the Falkirk Herald report the motion?

Councillor Buchanan’s motion called on the Scottish Government to toughen up legislation on anti social behaviour.”

The difference between what Buchanan moved as a motion and the Falkirk Herald’s sanitised version is significant. Buchanan didn’t call for  the tightening of legislation as claimed, he called on the Scottish Government to bring forward legislation that would “put an end to this anti social behaviour”.

Had the local press reported the facts a very different picture is created from the SNP Bad article that was published. Most fair minded people will agree that you can not ban anti social behaviour anymore than you can ban other crimes for anti social behaviour is indeed a crime.

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