SNP To Invest In Homecare After Years Of Neglect

SNP To Invest In Improved Day Care

The minority SNP Administration within Falkirk Council has moved to ease the fears of carers who currently rely on the Day Care Service. The Nationalists intend to set up a “service users group” to oversee the development of what the SNP believe will be a better service.

SNP Portfolio holder for Social Care, Fiona Collie said,

“We are acutely aware that the reported changes in day services are causing anxiety for people who use the services, their families and carers.  Change can be frightening especially when the service they rely on is reported alongside stories of the council facing a £25m deficit next year due to the Westminster austerity policy.”

“We said that we would seek to protect the most vulnerable in our community and that we will do. That is why I am giving the guarantee that no recipient of the service will be receiving less under the new set up but many will be receiving a wider choice of activities and better services.”

“When the SNP built the four new Secondary Schools at Falkirk High, St Mungo’s, Denny and Grangemouth they ensured the voices of the pupils and their parents were involved in the planning and design of the schools. It is our intention to involve the carers of the Day Care in the same manner so that their unique knowledge of their family’s needs are brought to the table.”

“We have taken the view that people are more important than bricks and mortar. Bainsford Day Centre is no longer fit for purpose after years of neglect and it is estimated it will cost in the region of £1.7m to replace the roof. Instead there will be significant investment in a new and wider range of services better suited to give service users the best opportunities.”

“The Council has been engaging with service users and families since February this year.  People who use the service and their families told us that things like friendships and activities were important to them.  Younger people and their families told us that day services were not something they wanted to use but wanted activities that supported education, employment, social and leisure.”

Of course for some the traditional Day Care Service is what they require and their continuity is our priority.  As a Council we need to work and plan to meet all and different needs now and in the future. That is why I am giving the assurance that staff will transfer to Grangemouth as will the support plans of the existing service users who require continuity”.

“Staff will be brought in to work with individuals, their families and key workers to discuss this and plan their loved ones long term needs. Some people do not have a current social worker or a recent assessment so it’s important to know if their needs have changed.”

“We know families of people using day services are also concerned about eligibility criteria and that their family member might be disadvantaged by these reviews.  We want to be clear as an administration that no-one will receive less support than they do now as part of the review. Reviews are about checking and talking about whether we are delivering what is needed and meeting the expectations of people who use our day services and their families.”

“We know this process will take time and our head of Adult Social Care assured families that whatever time is required will be made available. This will allow the carers group to become fully engaged in the planned changes and give a large measure of control to the families.”


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