Eric Joyce – The face of New Labour in Falkirk

John McNally

The true face of New Labour in Falkirk was best highlighted in the Newsnight Scotland interview with the discredited Labour MP that has caused outrage within the whole country.

In an astonishing interview with the BBC flagship news programme, Newsnight Scotland, Labour MP Eric Joyce heaped shame on the reputation of the Falkirk Labour party with a shambollick performance of evasion and sleaze.

He refused to answer questions on the “flipping” of second homes to avoid paying tax on the £130,000 profit he made from selling his main home in Corydon recently where he stayed until recently.

He also avoided answering questions on an £8000 payment to failed Labour candidate for Falkirk West, Ross Martin for “advice”, from parliamentary allowances.

The first MP to reach a £1,000,000 in expenses under the new regime is also quoted and a friendly and attempted face saving article in the Falkirk Herald dated 25 June as saying he supports reform of the expenses system.

Falkirk Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the SNP, Cllr John McNally, said on the matter.

“Falkirk is becoming synonymous with everything that is rotten about the Westminster set up thanks to Eric Joyce and Michael Connarty.

Privately Labour Councillors in Falkirk Council tut tut about their parliamentary colleagues but they have failed to keep their own MP’s under scrutiny and have lost all backbone in their failure to replace them.

The failure of Connarty and Joyce is a collective failure of the Labour Party in general.”

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