SNP councillors set greedy Labour MP’s an example to follow

Tom Coleman

Committed SNP Councillors have shown the way in terms of sensible and realistic expenses claims showing Labour MP’s up at the same time.

The table below shows the salaries and expenses claims of all 13 SNP Councillors for the last financial year and compares most favourably with the greed demonstrated by local Labour MP’s, Eric Joyce and Michael Connarty.

Said SNP Depute Leader, Tom Coleman,

“SNP Councillors set high standards when it comes to the use of public money and the expenses claimed by our members demonstrate this.

All SNP Councillors have not claimed their full entitlement for such as travel and phone charges despite these being essential for the performance of the job.

Compare this to Michael Connarty’s claim for £250 for a single alarm clock or Eric Joyce becoming the first MP to top a million pounds in expenses.

We will continue to work for the people we represent without ripping of these same individuals.”

Councillor’s expenses are normally the subject of a front page story by the Falkirk Herald but this year, perhaps because they show responsible actions on the part of SNP Councillors in comparison to local Labour MPs.

Councillor Salary Travel Other Expenses Tel Total
D Alexander £17,832 £93 £119 NIL £18,045
S Carleschi £15,837 £1070 £48 £241 £17,198
T Coleman £15,837 NIL NIL NIL £15,837
H Constable £15,837 £5,064 ** NIL NIL £20,902
J Constable £15,837 £173 NIL NIL £16,011
G Hughes £15,837 NIL NIL NIL £15,837
S Jackson £15,837 NIL NIL NIL £15,837
L Kenna £15,837 £1362 £150 NIL £19,650
A MacDonald £15,837 £1079 * £184 £227 £17,330
J McNally £15,837 £823 NIL NIL £16,661
C Meiklejohn £15,837 £16 NIL £43 £15,897
M Oliver £15,837 £177 NIL NIL £16.015
G Thomson £15,837 £161 NIL NIL £15,599

*Angus MacDonald’s total originally included £1000 of expenses incurred by him in his capacity as convenor of the MOD Committee but this was repaid to Falkirk Council by the MOD organisers.

** Harry Constable received additional support with transportation on medical grounds.

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