Labour set to close popular park gallery

Cecil Meiklejohn

A threat of closure hangs over the popular Park Gallery after New Labour Provost, Pat Reid refused to deny that instructions had been issued to staff not to accept bookings after November of this year.

The matter was raised by SNP Councillors at a meeting of the council on 24 June.

Staff had made contact with the SNP Councillor after news broke that the Labour / Tory Administration were conducting an internal review into the gallery which was recently the subject of criticism from Tory Councillor, Malcolm Nicol.

Since then it has been revealed that.

  • Staff have been instructed not to speak to SNP Councillors about that is taking place internally within the service.
  • No bookings are to be taken after November this year.
  • A report that should have been considered before the full council meeting in June was pulled from the agenda by the Labour Convenor just prior to the publication.

The refusal of the Provost to allow proper questioning of officers was the final straw for Falkirk North Councillor, Cecil Meiklejohn who has submitted a request under the Freedom of Information legislation for copies of all documentation.

Said Cllr Meiklejohn,

“The actions of Provost Reid and the statements of Tory, Malcolm Nicol, have created even more uncertainty over the future of the fantastic community facility.

It is the clear that the Labour / Tory Administration are seeking to close the Park Gallery but do it by the back door rather under public scrutiny.

That is unacceptable, particularly given the government investment in the arts that the Park gallery has benefited from.

Provost Reid can be assured that we will fight his Administration on this.”

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