SNP defeat Labour in Falkirk by 13%

Michael Matheson

Figures released show that the SNP won the Falkirk Council area by over 3,000 votes.

The result showed an 11% swing from Labour to the SNP and was the parties best ever result in a national election locally.

The result also means that the SNP can unseat local Labour MP’s Eric Joyce and Michael Connarty when they face the electorate after the revalation of their expenses scams.

Said local MSP, Michael Matheson

“The average swing in Scotland was 7% from Labour to the SNP but we managed an 11% swing which is hugely satisfying.

Only the SNP were out on the streets during the campaign and only the SNP were out and about on poling day. Labour activists including their Councillors hid from the general public and not wonder.

The message from the European Elections is also that the much vaunted Tory revival is restricted to south of the border and the Liberal Democrats are nowhere.

Gordon Brown can not hang on forever, he has to go to the polls sometime and then I believe we will see an SNP MP elected to restore the confidence of the people in the principle of representative democracy.”

The full results from Falkirk were,

SNP – 9889 37%
LAB – 6596 24%
CON – 3163 11%
LIB – 1701 6%

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