The beginning of the end?

David Alexander

Political pundits are predicting we are seeing the beginning of the end of the Labour / Tory Administration that has misgoverned Falkirk Council since the cut of the cards that gave them control after the 2007 elections.

At the most recent meeting of the council the Labour group were forced into two humiliating u-turns on policy initiatives after the SNP out argued them and created a rebellion amongst the administration groups.

First up was proposal to pay some professional grades additional payments despite the chief executive admitting there were no recruitment difficulties in existing departments.

After the Tories sought a recess members returned to the chambers where Tory and Independent Councillors abstained in the vote leaving the votes tied at 13-13. Provost Reid adopted the Scottish Parliamentary protocol and used his casting vote to uphold the status quo therefore defeating the Labour Report.

Second up was a significant u-turn on the Falkirk Gateway Report heard in private.

The council report recommended rejection of the proposals from Gateway Developers, McDonald Estates for proposals that would secure 1000 new jobs in Falkirk. The Labour led Administration were about to endorse the views of council officers and had formally moved the recommendations of the report despite not being in possession of all of the facts including failure to carry out a Retail Impact Analysis.

Following an SNP amendment that called for more information before any decision could be taken the Labour led Administration were forced into another embarrassing u-turn and supported the SNP amendment.

Commenting on the outcome of the meetings SNP Group Leader, Cllr David Alexander, said,

“Not only is the current Labour / Tory Administration bereft of any credible strategy but is clearly split from top to bottom.

The little rebellion of the Tories shows just how dependent Labour are on their unionist colleagues to retain their positions within the Administration of Falkirk Council.

I believe we are seeing the beginning of the end of this do nothing Administration as it dissolves into rancour and back stabbing”.

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