SNP expose backdoor cuts in education

Tom Coleman

The SNP has exposed backdoor cuts in courses being offered to pupils in Falkirk’s secondary schools.

Following on from the news that St Mungo’s will not be offering S3 pupils the option of sitting Standard Grade History the SNP has learned that Graeme High School has removed Accountancy from the Standard Grade course options.

At a special meeting of the council called by the SNP to discuss this and other matters of concern it was revealed that in the case of Graeme High, a full time teacher was being replaced by a part time teacher hence the cuts in courses available to pupils.

During the debate Education Convenor, Alex Waddell, claimed that Education had suffered a 0.7% reduction in budget only to be advised by his own officials that the Education Budget had in fact increased by 7.4% this year.

Councillor Waddell also claimed that even though these courses weren’t available to pupils this year this did not mean they had been cut from the syllabus.

Said education spokesperson, Cllr Tom Coleman,

“Labour and their Tory allies have been rumbled. Not only are these real cuts in service but they run contrary to the clear advice given to the council by the SNP Government.

Offering as wide a choice of subjects allows youngsters to flourish in the areas they are good at thus giving them the best opportunity to develop as they grow.

This Administration appears not to understand the principles that make up a balanced education and are instead running the education Service as a business.

Perhaps this is due to the fact the convenor, (Alex Waddell) only knows the Private Education Sector and is seeking to restructure our education Authority into the same mould as private schools.”


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