Transport commitment welcomed by SNP councillor

Angus MacDonald

News that the upgrade of the Avon Gorge and the development of a Grangemouth Transport Hub had been included within the SNP Government’s National Transport Strategy has been welcomed by SNP Economic Development spokesperson, Cllr Angus MacDonald.

Both projects had been high priorities of the previous SNP led Administration who prepared business cases for both projects. However, despite positive noises over the six years of the Administration the Labour / Liberal Executive in Holyrood failed to agree financial backing for either project.

Now less than two years into the SNP Government’s period of office the pledge of government cash to make both a reality has finally been made with inclusion within the capital commitments between 2012 and 2016.

A delighted Cllr MacDonald said,

“Various local government Administrations of all political persuasions over the last thirty years have been campaigning for an upgrade of the Avon Gorge.

I am delighted that this SNP Government has recognised the importance of the Avon Gorge not just in terms of the economic well-being but also in terms of road safety.”

The inclusion of Falkirk Council’s proposals for the development of a Grangemouth Transport Hub was also welcomed by Cllr MacDonald.

I am also delighted that the SNP has recognised the importance of Grangemouth to the Scottish economy.”

The SNP proposals while in office in Falkirk Council developed detailed plans for the development of the Grangemouth Transport infrastructure and the news that this will form part of the SNP Government’s proposals is a huge boost to the town.

“With both projects scheduled to start in 2012 it appears that the only thing that can prevent these developments going ahead is a change of Administration at the 2011 elections.”

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