All to play for in Mays election

Angus MacDonald

Falkirk East SNP candidate, Cllr Angus MacDonald has welcomed two opinion polls this week that show Labour’s previous leads melt away.

The ICM poll published in the Sun gave Labour a 4% lead with A You Gov poll published on the same day  showing the SNP only 3% behind.

Both polls had shown Labour ahead from between 11% to 15%  in recent months showing that there is all to play for between now and 5 May.

ICM poll of 1003 people commissioned by the SNP shows:

Constituency Voting Intention

Lab 39,
SNP 35,
Con 12,
LD 10,
Oth 4

Regional Voting Intention

Lab 37, SNP 34, Con 13, LD 9, Grn 4, Oth 7

“Putting aside your own party preference, which political party do you think can do the best job of running Scotland successfully over the next Scottish Parliament term?”

SNP: 32%
Labour: 30%
Tory: 7%
Lib Dem: 4%
Other: 3%
None of them: 6%
Don’t know: 17%

Removing the “Don’t Knows/None” gives the following figures:

SNP: 42%
Labour: 39%

(The figures in brackets compare the changes on the last YouGov poll, sampled 21-22 February among 1,258 Scottish adults.)

SNP: 38% (+6)
Lab: 41% (–)
Con: 10% (-5)
Lib Dem: 6% (-2)
Other: 5% (+1)

Said Cllr MacDonald

The polls are confirming our findings on the doorsteps, the SNP are the party on the up and all the momentum is in our favour.

People in Falkirk East are supporting the SNP’s Council tax freeze, abolition of Prescription Charges and handling of the Scottish Government affairs over the last four years.

On the other hand, there is real anger towards Labour for their pact with the Tories within Falkirk Council and such as the terrible charges on the elderly and disabled for services delivered free by the SNP.

The SNP activists are now believing that victory is within our grasp and we will be working from now until close of poll on May 5 for that victory.” 

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