Matheson welcomes important health policy changes

Michael Matheson

Falkirk West SNP MSP has welcomed a raft of important health initiatives announced by Nicola Sturgeon, Health Secretary within the SNP Government.

The announcements include,

  1. Additional funding to tackle hospital based infections.
  2. The removal of patient parking charges form hospitals.
  3. The return of Matrons to the wards.
  4. An end to the privatisation of services such as catering and cleaning.

Speaking at the meeting of the growing Falkirk West SNP Constituency Association Mr Matheson said,

“The Tory experiment with our Health Service where everything that could be privatised was led to many of the problems we have today.

Labour not only failed to reverse this process but actually accelerated privatisation through such as PFI. 1300 local people will move from the public sector to the private when the new hospital at Larbert opens thanks to Labour opening the door to cuts in their salaries and conditions.

I am delighted that the SNP Government are reversing this process and returning the Health Service to the people.

I am sure that everyone will welcome the re-introduction of Matrons to the wards in one of a raft of proposals to tackle the hospital based infections that have become prevalent over the years.”

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