Labour nursery school closure programme to continue

Tom Coleman

Pressure is growing over the controversial proposed closure of three local nursery schools by the current Labour / Tory alliance running Falkirk Council.

Bizarrely administration members sought to pin the blame on the policy introduced by the SNP in 2004 despite the fact that not one single nursery schools was closed under the SNP in the subsequent three years while Labour seek to close three in their first year of office.

There was also embarrassment for the Labour leader of Falkirk Council when she sought to throw out of the chambers two protestors who approached her during a recess period in the meeting to point out errors in what she had said in her contribution to the debate.

Council officers were called to throw out the grandparents of one of the children of the Glenfair Nursery in Camelon when they pointed out to Linda Gow that she was factually wrong in her claims on the collection of the 1000+ signatures against the closure. This was despite eye witnesses confirming that the couple had approached the under fire Labour leader in a non confrontational manner.

Speaking at the council meeting SNP Education spokesperson, Tom Coleman, said,

“What we are seeing here is the Labour / Tory alliance seeking to bring in cuts in nursery provision below the radar.

They have been caught out try sneaking through these cuts in an underhand manner and have now united various communities against them as a consequence.

That is unacceptable as is the ludicrous argument that this is anything but an attack on nursery provision driven by financial rather than educational needs.”

Thanks to the SNP’s intervention there will be a further round of consultation before a final decision is taken in June. There is already a 1000 signature petition tom oppose the closure in Camelon and growing dissent in the Bog Road area against the closure of the Woodburn Day Nursery.

Leading the campaign in Camelon is Falkirk South SNP Councillor, Georgie Thomson.

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