SNP soar to new high in latest opinion poll

Michael Matheson

In the last few weeks the opinion polls have brought consistent good news for the SNP.

First came the production of two polls that showed the support for independence continue the rise in popularity since the 2007 Scottish Parliamentary elections. Now standing at 41% in favour, up from 27% in 2007, it is clear there is a rise in Scottish self confidence.

In voting intentions for the Scottish Parliament support for the SNP has risen to 45%, up from 32% in last years elections.

Full Result of the System 3 Poll


SNP – 45% (+12%)
Labour – 31% (-1% )
Tory – 12% ( -5%)
Lib Dem 11% ( -4%)

Regional Voting Intentions

SNP – 41%
Lab – 29%
Tory – 12%
Lib Dem – 12%
Greens – 4%
SSP – 1%

The poll was welcomed by Falkirk West SNP MSP, Michael Matheson who said,

“The poll result backs up local government by-election results from across Scotland with SNP support up and Labour in the doldrums.

The SNP government has tapped into the mainstream Scottish attitudes of fairness with such as the abolition of the unfair Council Tax and phased abolition of the tax on the sick, prescription charges.

It is also clear that the people of Scotland support the positive policies and vision for our country and have recognised that the fact we stand up for Scotland is important to the people.”

Michael was also scathing of the performance of the Labour Party in their role as opposition.

“With Labour voting with the Tories against restoring free higher education and the recommencing of council house building traditional Labour voters are deserting in their droves to the SNP.

Add to that fact Labour and the Tories are in a formal alliance within Falkirk Council and we see a dramatic shift to the political right within the Labour Party at a time when the people are showing they want socially just policies implemented.”

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