“Labour meltdown self inflicted” says SNP chief

David Alexander

Falkirk Council SNP leader, David Alexander, said that Labour’s electoral meltdown in English and Welsh local government elections was both predicable and self inflicted.

The SNP Councillor also believes that the changes south of the border have major ramifications for local people.

Labour came third polling only 24% of the votes and losing countless Councillors and control of high profile councils, the Liberals polled 25% while the Tories polled 44%.

Councillor Alexander said,

“The irony is that the people of England are turning to the Tory Party because of their disillusion with New Labour’s lack of social care within their policies.

Countless former supporters told the media that they had abandoned New Labour because of that party’s lack of compassion, particularly due to the doubling of the lower rate of income tax for lower paid workers.

That demonstrates just how out of touch with public opinion the big business dominated New Labour Party are.

In Scotland we have the Labour Party voting with the Tories to deny free higher education, against council house building and against the abolition of the Council Tax.

In Falkirk Council we have the Tories not only joined in the Administration with New Labour but on most committees leading that Administration.

Thankfully while people in England are starved of any real alternative to New Labour in Scotland we have the SNP and it is to the SNP that people are turning to in increasing numbers to bring about a fairer more equal society.”

With the Tories likely to form the next UK government in Westminster the implications for people in Scotland are significant.

Said Councillor Alexander,

“One of the areas of perceived weakness for New Labour targeted by the Tories is the fact Gordon Brown is a Scot. They have successfully used the West Lothian question to portray Gordon Brown as almost a foreigner and that will mean a fundamental change in the relationships within British politics.

A Tory government which the people of Scotland will not be able to either stop or influence will mean that the responsibility for the protection of Scottish interests will rest entirely with the SNP.

We have to ensure that there are sufficient SNP MP’s at Westminster and when the Scottish Parliamentary elections come round in 2011 there is an even stronger SNP in charge.”

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