Support for independence surges ahead

Nicola Sturgeon

Welcoming the TNS System Three poll in the Sunday Herald, showing support for independence moving ahead to 41 per cent compared to 40 per cent for the status quo – reversing a 15 point lead for the status quo last summer, which had narrowed to just 4 points last November.

Depute Leader of the Scottish National Party and Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP said:

“This is the second poll in recent days to show a surge in support for Independence – moving ahead for the first time since last year’s
Scottish Parliament election.

“The TNS System Three poll is further and dramatic evidence that as the SNP delivers good government in the devolved areas, so support for Scotland to be governed equally well in all areas with independence is soaring. Just this month, many of our key measures in government have taken effect – including the phased abolition of prescription charges, restoring free education in Scotland, freezing the Council Tax, and cutting business rates.

The poll clearly indicates that Westminster attempts to bully Scotland and the Scottish Government – on issues such as threatening to withhold Council Tax benefit, trying to block a local income tax and withholding prisons spending – are also boosting support for equality for Scotland, and a parliament with full powers. Labour’s London-based aggressive and negative campaign is getting a strong reaction in Scotland.”

“People want a government that will speak up for Scotland – not shut up for London.”

“The leaders of the unionist parties are running scared of the right of the people to choose Scotland’s future in a democratic referendum and no wonder, on the basis of these figures.”

The other parties are deeply split on the issue, and are finding it impossible to justify refusing the people of Scotland that basic democratic right.

The TNS System Three poll reflects the proposed question for an independence referendum that the Scottish Government contains in the National Conversation White Paper on Scotland’s future. TNS System Three have asked the same question twice previously, with support for independence moving forward from a 15 point deficit last August to being ahead for the first time since last year’s Scottish Parliament election now.

The poll was sampled between 26 March and 4 April.

Agree or disagree to Scottish independence (changes since last August in (brackets)

April 2008

Agree: 41% (+6)
Disagree: 40% (-10)
Don’t know: 19% (+4)

November 2007

Agree: 40%
Disagree: 44%
Don’t Know: 16%

August 2007

Agree: 35%
Disagree: 50%
Don’t Know: 15%

Last week the Progressive Scottish Opinion/Daily Mail poll asked if people approve or disapprove of Scotland becoming an independent country. It also showed a surge in support for independence from last summer.

The changes since the last identical poll in the Daily Mail (published in August 2007) are in brackets.

Yes: 41% (+10)
No: 43% (-6)
Don’t know: 16% (-4)

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