New Labour revival of socialism mocked by SNP MSP

Michael Matheson

Wendy Alexander’s long awaited big ideas speech at the Labour Party in Scotland conference in Aviemore has been ridiculed by press and opponents alike.

In an attempt to stop the relentless decline in the Labour Party fortunes the embittered Labour leader in Scotland, Wendy Alexander, presented New Labour in the image of past generations of socialists.

This brought ridicule on top of the Paisley MSP who is better known for her illegal attempts to solicit donations from foreign based business speculators than promoting social justice in Scotland.

Michael Matheson, SNP MSP for Falkirk West said,

“I wonder what the Tory Councillors who are in a formal coalition with New Labour in Falkirk Council make of their surrogate leader’s pledge to return to socialist roots?

I have no doubt they will claim that Labour’s actions speak louder than their words and as Labour have recently confirmed PFI as their method of funding public services, voted against abolishing Higher Education fees, Prescription Charges and against building more council houses Labour as right wing as they have always been.

Wendy Alexander’s speech was one of the most cynical political speeches I have ever heard from any political leader.

She is and always has been a Labour moderniser which is code for right wing Tory. She was the minister who lectured Labour members on the benefits of the free market against traditional socialist values.

She is the Labour leader who has opposed restoring traditional values such as fully publicly owned and run National Health Services against Labour’s creeping privatisation.

Labour are in trouble, their traditional heartlands such as Falkirk West are turning to the SNP and they have lost over one third of their own membership in recent years.

However, you can fool some of the people all the time but Wendy Alexander is fooling no one with her belated rendition of the red flag.”

Ian McWhirter the award winning journalist of the Herald laid bare Labour’s hypocrisy in an excellent article for which a link has been provided below.

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