Tories plan to re-introduce tax on the sick

Michael Matheson

The SNP will end the tax on ill health and protect Scotland’s National Health Service from the Tories said SNP MSP Michael Matheson as the Tories said they would re-introduce prescription charges after the Holyrood election.

Said Mr Matheson,

“The Tories have never understood Scotland’s commitment to fairness or to Scotland’s National Health service.

“This SNP Government will abolish prescription charges on April 1st scrapping the tax on ill health and saving £180 for people with long term conditions.

“While the Tories try to privatise the NHS in England and threaten £5 prescription charges in Scotland the SNP will protect Scotland’s publicly funded National Health Service with increasing investment over the next four years and no unfair taxes on ill health.”

The Tory / Liberal coalition in Westminster recently announced that on the day the SNP abolish prescription charges in Scotland the cost of medication in England will rise to £7.40p a time.

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